Classic Collision Atlanta Insurance Fraud #359

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6/10/13; updated 7/30/13…see below

Manfred, I reported you for committing Insurance Fraud. You can thank your son for sticking his nose in, where it doesn’t belong. I was told by ___________, current Classic Collision of ——– Manager, that Insurance Fraud was being committed at the Alpharetta location…by Manfred Kammerer’s son, Chris Kammerer…..when he resigned from Alpharetta, several years ago.

I told my old boss and one of  your attorneys…that no matter how much you and your son may hate one another…I am attacking your family’s wealth…you guys can find millions of reasons to get along…when it comes to bullying me!

Don’t pay attention to the fact…that if you guys don’t clean up your acts…that you could lose everything you have…kill the bitch, right!

I could’ve fucked every male that worked at Classic Collision of Chamblee, if I wanted…then, told you NO! It is my body! You are nothing but a an employer who thinks that your employees are your slaves….mentally, physically, financially and sexually.

BTW…did I ever mention your son…until the second to last video came out, after the meeting on 3/2o/13? If I did…it was shortly before that….and only because I know that he rehired the male…that I slept with consensually…as I believe the he is part of the Anti Engrid movement! The male was fired, again…nothing…he was rehired, bam….another video! Then, another!

Would anyone like to know the sickest part of all of this?

The employee who told me about is __________. He told me that Manfred was trying to avoid paying him, his final paycheck, when resigning from Classic Collision of Alpharetta. The employee loved their job…but, couldn’t stand working at that particular shop. In their resignation…they stated that they didn’t want to be a part of what was taking place…Insurance Fraud…and simply wanted their last paycheck.

To the best of my recollection…the employee did receive a final paycheck but, I don’t even think that employee was paid the entire amount they were owed. Isn’t that sick!

Can you imagine…working for a tyrant…who has the nerve…to try to stiff you, on your last paycheck…when you have told him that you are aware of the company’s committing Insurance Fraud?

I don’t trust Georgia Agencies, now…not with what happened in my Rape Investigation. That is why I am posting this on the Internet. I gave them all of the names…and all of the details. The former Classic Collision employee is now a current Classic Collision manager.

So… Manfred, when you and some of your  family members have me whacked…the Feds will do a thorough investigation. If Manfred doesn’t face criminal charges, it is because…the three people that were turned in, LIED or…someone in the Insurance Commissioner’s Office turned a blind eye.

That is why I, I believe, it has been silent. That is why you have backed off…for the moment. I would assume that you are under investigation…and have been trying to clean house…

Needless to say…you probably have connections…that is why I cannot afford NOT to post this.

All of the details are in my report, to the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Everyone will wonder, why I was killed…yet, Manfred has never faced prison time.

If you heard my phone call…if you escape investigation…and are choosing to back off…thinking I will quit…You are wrong. You have caused me so much damage…Damage that is totally irreversible. When all is said and done…the best you can do is try to bait your lawyer and my former boss…to see if I want money. You are a Fucking Asshole and because you destroy lives…and don’t think that you should accept responsibility….you will be raped, for an eternity and the amount of money you have…won’t be able to put a dent…in the damages…that will be awarded… your victims…in the end.

I don’t think that you are backing off. I think you are knee deep in shit…and even if you were to back off…it wouldn’t matter…you know that you are still going to have me killed…when you think that everyone has forgotten.

With that being said…this post will be scheduled…to air, on its own…as I have been in sever pain and traumatized over my Will…Your weekend will have been shitty…as I have placed this garbage, in your lap…6/7/13, in the a.m….This post will be emailed to your attorneys, my former boss and an employee in your main office.

Don’t worry…I understand that things will be just as awful, as they ever were….for me…in a few days! The Devil/Manfred Kammerer never sleeps.

Your employees are there to work…not have sex with you….or to be forced to commit crimes or overlook crimes that you are committing!

Do I think that you give a shit that the employee who was turned in…much less myself…deserves to face charges and fines…for knowing that you were committing Insurance Fraud? Nope. You can afford to pay you way out of trouble. We can’t. Its just another way for to delude yourself…into believing…that this is another game that you have won.

How was that person to obtain future employment….had they turned you in?  All employers expect to be informed of crimes being committed towards them…but, if the employers are committing crimes…the employees are supposed to keep their mouths shut?

Manfred, you are going to have me killed. Do you understand that I am going to turn you in…for everything…and no matter what the outcome may be, today…my email trails will provide this information. No one will have any doubts. What you are not found guilty of NOW….the Feds are going to have a Field Day with your family and the Authorities that did not perform proper investigations!

I’ve got you covered Criminally and Civilly….and thanks to your arrogance… your family is now involved, too. So…YES…all my bases are covered!

Do you think that this might be a good time to file a Civil Suit against me? Do you really think that I am not going to make sure that this is on the news…before you have me killed?

The person who told me about the Insurance Fraud…their name was mentioned, then taken away. I am not taking this to my grave with me!

The only reason that Manfred hasn’t done anything else to me is….because of this post. His last attempt to shut me up was on 4/21/13. Does it look like he is going to stop? A 67 year old punk who is using others to try and shut me up…via Racist and Sexist YouTube videos, Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and comments that were left on this site. Read them. They are so disgusting that I had to turn commenting OFF!

They will make you say…”Paula Who!”


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