Classic Collision Atlanta Interprets The Karma Police #153

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You’re walking along, singing a song. You think that you know the words…you look them up on the Internet and BAM! There are several words which change the meaning  of the song ENTIRELY.

Every time I have listened to Karma Police in the past…it seemed as is if I could replay the it 20-30 times. I am a creature of habit. Unfortunately, many of  my past habits were to my detriment…and there is always someone out there who is willing to tip that end of the scale….especially when I had fallen and was holding onto the edge of the scale with my fingertips.

Its IRONIC how similar this song is to my scenario.

I can only imagine what my little band of bullies were thinking when they read these lyrics, last night. I have taken the liberty of posting a few different opinions of these lyrics. The meaning is always in the eye of the beholder. In situations like these…of course we would like to stick with our interpretations…

These lyrics apply to all of us…except those of us who are in denial! Right/Wrong/Indifferent, if it applies to you, it may very well apply to me.

1. I don’t believe there’s anything called karma. His name is GOD:) It always amazes me how many will laugh at those with faith because they believe in Him (a higher power) yet THEY believe in the concept of karma. Makes absolutely NO sense.

2. Karma is the motion that allows for the bubble of the mind to not splinter or wind up haphazardly on some random psychological paradox. Karma is the state of connectedness between the motive and method in all phenomena. Ontologically, that which is policing this aspect of motion in the world, is the karma police. That entity is as real as any “what goes around comes around” type of “rage, or discontent with others”, and is the basis for this song.

3. Those who loudly cry “karma’s gonna getcha!” seem to forget that they are under karma themselves

4. I think this about the bad feeling you get when you do something bad to someone who hasn’t wronged you, but you still think they deserve it. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’ve done it before and the feeling is like shit, and recently many kids have killed themselves over people acting like that.

5. The feelings of trying to reform someone into what you or others want, and feeling like a boss or control freak makes you lose yourself. You get the feeling like you are the karma police but you’re really a dick (or just acting like one, “lost yourself”).

6. I thought of Karma Police as being similar to Orwell’s Thought Police from the book 1984. The Karma Police make sure you get what’s coming to you when you do bad or good. In this case, Thom Yorke is like a cop for the karma police and acting out, arresting people when they aren’t truly doing anything wrong (This is what you’ll get/When you mess with us), and then realizes at the end that he’s been acting out and doing wrong (For a minute there/I lost myself). I like the idea of there being karma police. It’s a really interesting and creative concept

7. I believe this is about pointing fingers are people condemning them and putting blame on people for what they do saying ‘karma is going to get you.’
But when it’s his [the person that puts the blame] turn for his negative karma he acts like he didn’t know what was going on trying to plead with the ‘karma police’ that he isn’t at fault. [for a minute there I lost myself]

8. Here’s what I thought. This man had a problem with another guy. He was waiting for Karma to get him back for being like he is. Well, Karma never came. So, this man found himself to be the “Karma Police”, and he was going to do what Karma should have. In an ironic twist, the man ends up being his own demise, trying to make someone else’s come sooner- Karma.

9. this song directly refers to the society we are living in and its different faces.karma police can be compared to the moral police or the inbuilt morality meter we all have inside us.we want all the wrong people to be punished but hesitate if its us.we see evil in in others but try to hide it if its in our own conscience.Panic! the disco got all the right moods of this song with a great melody.And Radiohead rocks all the same.

10.The girl resembles Hitler only do to her hairdo and he will look no further than that and begin to immmedeiatly loathe her to the point of becoming ill . Again he wants this girl Arrested (Damned) for resembling the leader of the Nazi Party, that was undoubtedly crashed due largely to the involvement of many prominently Christian countries.

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