Classic Collision Atlanta Is Praying for the USA #136

Posted on 04. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Every time we say Goodbye to something old…supposedly something new is in store. The old “A Window/Door is Closing, While Another is Opening.”

Sometimes it is difficult for us to focus on the positive while the negative is trying so desperately to tear us down.

I guess as long as we have our health and we are surrounded by loved ones…that is what matters most.

There are things that concern me about the future. Not you, Manfred. Don’t flatter yourself.

I am talking about the upcoming election. It is amazing when one can reflect on their lifetime…and not be very old…only to see such devastation.

The world is full of 666 Park Avenue, Blood Sucking This and Blood Sucking That., lets all buy everything we CAN’T afford and expect someone else to pay for it….Did I mention that I danced with the Devil for 17 years and I cannot be mad at anyone who chooses to believe that a human being can carry the weight of God?!?! I am speaking of ALL candidates, not one in particular!

Yep, I’m praying that people can make a decision based upon what is right and not what makes them feel all warm and cuddly….just because someone talks the talk…it does not mean that they walk the walk…Manfred, that one was for you. After all, I have been asked if you were a politician.

This is not a piece of gum one can spit out, if it is a flavor they do not like. This is not an apple turnover that one can burn off in their morning yoga class. This is not a blouse that someone can donate because it no longer satisfies them fashionably. This is a decision that cannot be taken back or changed.

The world is hanging by a thread. We have the ability to turn it around and be back on top. Will we?

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