Classic Collision Atlanta It Happens In A Blink #128

Posted on 12. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I blinked this morning…in that blink, I realized that it will soon be six years, since this all happened.

I lost sight. My sight is coming back. I have no regrets. I would not have done anything differently. As horrible as some of this has been. It is something that I have to go through. In the end…no matter how it turns out…I am making a difference.

Women are being sexually harassed now, more than ever…..Well, maybe not as much….thanks to the little redhead who stood up to one of the biggest SEXUAL PREDATORS Atlanta has ever seen.
You better think twice about doing this to a female…because, in the blink of an eye..this could be happening to you!

“Blink” by Revive

Life is gone, before you know it…make it count….savor every moment and every word in this song…

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