Classic Collision Atlanta Its Gotta Stop #264

Posted on 05. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I reread your last few posts to me. They are quite disgusting. It has taken everything in me, not to destroy you!

All I would have to do is post the date…

Oh what a night…oops, I almost forgot…there were two…

I stand corrected…dates.

They will be posted…when I am strong enough not to respond.

Once again, I have no problems if a person posts the truth…it is what it is.

When you post lies…especially information that is second hand….and I know where it came from…and you were not there but, the person who told you was there


You have cost me a lot..

You will read this and cringe..

You think your life was a nightmare before?

You little Racists, Horrible excuses for people.

Trust me…this will be read…and when it is read…you are going to wish that you were dead!

I am getting sick again…in fact, it never left…I’m just internalizing it. I have said it before…I will say it again…This is not over, until I am whole again.

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