Classic Collision Atlanta Just You Wait and See #391

Posted on 08. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


You would think that the recent release of racism…..that caused someone to lose their empire….would cause Manfred Kammerer  to be concerned too!

Its really messed up. I spoke with a group of people, when all of this information was officially released. You would be surprised at how many of the people…that were offended…that weren’t African American. Actually, it seemed that they were not as offended. Some of them seemed to understand that it was the mentality of her generation. I do not think that she hates other races, etc. I think she said some really stupid s—, she f—ed up and should have called herself a dumb ass and been done with it!.

What I don’t understand is, Manfred Kammerer is a RACIST PIECE OF TRASH. He not only hates blacks. He hates everyone.

That O.K., Manfred. Before it is over, you will be asked if you asked one of your female office managers if SHE WAS SUCKING ALL OF THE BIG BLACK DICKS IN THE SHOP!

You are a fool! Its not like I am suggesting things that can happen and have not yet. Everyday, situations like the one above…are brought to light…and they can totally destroy a person’s business! You have had every opportunity to stop this! You have done nothing but, everything you can…to deal with me directly!

I really feel horrible that this happened to her but, when you are in the positions of power…it is best to say nothing!….especially if you are a money grubbing whore….like Manfred Kammerer. Whores don’t discriminate when it comes to money. They don’t care where it comes from, as long as they are getting paid! So Manfred…brush up on your common sense!

Manfred, what will you do…when the racist comments…on this site are talked about on TV?

I hope she recovers. I pray that Manfred rots in Hell. I don’t think hatred is in her heart. I know that Manfred has a heart…only because it is necessary for a body to survive.

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