Classic Collision Atlanta Keeping Time On God’s Watch #421

Posted on 09. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


God puts us in our place, eventually. For those of us who have lived it and are reminded daily…why is it so hard to accept? Why can’t we just sit back and let him take care of the Manfreds in the world! That is because…some of us were not put on this Earth to sit back and watch them abuse women. They were put on this Earth because males like him cannot leave females like me alone. Now, he’s using me to show Manfred…what his abuse has done to other women. He’s done it before. He’s never been forced to face the consequences of his actions. Oh well.

There’s always that window of opportunity. There’s always that glimmer of hope. Just because certain people were put into positions of doesn’t mean that they are doing what is right. I was once in a position..where I witnessed wrong doings, by the people who were supposed to be punishing the bad guys. So, I know…all too well..that it does exist.

Just because I did wrong back then, does not mean that I deserve what is happening to me now. That is what the Manfreds of the world would love for you to believe. God has punished me PLENTY! Now, he’s using me to give back….where I have taken.

I  have to continue to apologize and give back. Last but, not least…I deserve a fair matter how many connections Manfred has! I know why I am here. I’ve gotta to do what I’ve gotta do! God has punished me for what I have done wrong and he has taken care of me, always….because, he knows what’s in my heart! Now, I have to stand up and use what he gave me!

In due time. There are things that cannot be forced. If you don’t do them in due time, time will do you! Listening to yourself can get you into water, hot enough to cook your own goose. We’re not interested in being the dinner here…we’ll stick to being the dinner guset! And, of course..we will help clean up the mess! Rape and pillage is not our style. Giving…as much as we receive…not as much as we take…earning our keep…that’s our style!


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