Classic Collision Atlanta Learning with Letters #32

Posted on 11. Apr, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Hello boys and girls….Welcome to today’s lesson of learning with letters.

Today’s letter is the letter F….not the letter F, which begins Manfred Kammerer’s favorite word…as in….I think I have the right to F— everyone and everything I see because,” I’m a Narcissist who thinks I can screw anything and everything I want, with no recourse”…

No boys and girls, today we are using the letter F…as in FELONY!

As part of today’s program, you will be required to do a little research. You will be given a list of questions…after you’ve completed your homework…you will then get to help all of the rest of our viewers determine how serious this matter really is!

1. If one is found guilty of RAPE, will he receive a FELONY charge?

2. If one posts videos which bully a rape victim, using the rape victim’s identity, will he/she be charged with a FELONY?

3. When individuals try to hack into two of another individual’s email accounts…will those individuals be charged with a felony?

4. If someone were to open another Facebook account under my name and friend request me…as an intimidation tactic…as in, all your basis are covered. Why would I friend request myself? I don’t think you can do that from your own account. Lets face it people, I love myself but…that’s a little over the top…even for someone such as myself. By the way, my best friend told me last weekend that he received a request from a duplicate account also. Any who…what do you think the repercussions for that might be…would you say…Felony?

5. When those who participate in harassing a rape victim/witness, having read that there are three cases opened on Manfred Kammerer: the life threat, rape and harassment of Engrid Lirette…will these individuals receive a felony charge? ………..Sorry boys and Girls. That was a trick question…these people can possibly be charged for their actions but, they are also stupid. Stupid starts with the letter S, not the letter F. We will save that for another day.

Take as much time as you need to decide which one of these or maybe even all of the above questions’ answers can be applied to today’s special letter/word.

Thank you for viewing today’s program. Be sure to join us again, real soon! Chow!

6 Responses to “Classic Collision Atlanta Learning with Letters #32”

  1. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  2. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012

  3. whitehat hardware

    26. Jul, 2012

    Yes let’s learn with letters Engrid.

    How about we start with “fucked” as in how fucked in the head you are? Or “fucked” as in how fcked youre oging to be when the authorities find out you’ve hired a black hat hacker to do your bidding?

    I was truly behind you, and your cause until you revealed yourself to be exactly what you hate the most and then some.

    You and manfred are one in the same. You manupliate the minds of the public into believing the line of bullshit you spew. Face it you’re just another crazy ex that doesnt know how to let go.

    In a way you are willingly participating in the rape of millions via the insane rants you post here.

    how does it feel to become the hunter Engrid?

    • Engrid

      17. May, 2013

      whitehat hardware
      IP Address from comment