Classic Collision Atlanta Let’s Beat on Women, Some More! #420

Posted on 10. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Commercials about males: incontinence, inability to maintain an erection, hair restoration. And they make them look like champions and rock stars.

Commercials about women: hair color, make-up, liposuction, botox, cramps, weight gain, incontinence, menopause, yeast infections, lack of sex drive, tampons, lingerie, veins, etc. We’re made to feel like we are less, if we don’t look like the women in the advertisements…only because, they are 12 and don’t need any of these products, yet!…..and that we should be put our to pasture, if we don’t sign up, yesterday!

And, did anyone notice how many more I was able to point out about males vs., females…They shove it down out throats, EVERYDAY!

Let me tell you what…women are forced to correct all of these things!  Are males? So what if they don’t have the sex drive that they used to! Take a pill. Look at the female sections in the grocery store in comparison to the male section. We’re walking pharmacies! Go into the magazine department, in a grocery store.  How many retail stores are there for females improvement vs. males?

Isn’t it funny…how a male can have a gutt big enough to rest his dnner plate on…yet, he will make fun of a woman who has a stomach! Chance are..she is going through menopuase. Yes, I’m going to say it again! I’ve seen female Barbie Dolls turn into women who look like they are 12mths pregnant! From what I hear, it’s a Hell that no woman would wish on the most horrible person she has ever met. The males think that they can look however they wish. I think that they all look in their the morning and see Brad Pitts face on top of Matthew Mcconaughey’s body.

I recently viewed a commercial about male incontinence. They were in  a “Man’s . Bathroom” and talking about it as if he is still a champion. Slap on a diaper! Don’t let it get you down, etc!

I heard a commercial about hair restoration…for women. Yes, we need another thing to correct on our bodies, right! Anywho…it focused on the fact that it must be hard for a woman to be able to look at herself in the miror….because, she isn’t what she used to be! Not, Its O.K…Let us help you! What the —-! With as much money that is spent…by women….on self improvement…shouldn’t they be cheering the women on and making them feel like rock stars. After all, women are lining their pockets….not males!

The males are taking all of this money that they make…from preying on females’self esteems, that they have created…and spending it on their younger models. In fact…they get to hold onto the women they are too cheap to divorce and they women they couldn’t get, unless they had a bank roll! I say they should be praising us, all the way around!

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