Classic Collision Atlanta Letting Go Of The Past #412

Posted on 18. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There are people that lie to others, when they first meet. Then, they feel as if there will be that appropriate moment…when they will tell their partner that they have a past.

Do people want to be lied to? Would people rather not know?

I wondered about something, the other day. Could a person behave as if they are the person they would like to be…the person they need to be….and their history could simply evaporate? What if you are capable of changing your history….just like that? What if you asked for forgiveness and never looked back? What if you NEVER exhibited  any of you disgusting previous history, EVER again?

Do we behave as the new person that we have become…and never look back? Can you simply become the person you were intended to be? Do we treat others differently and give back, based on what we have taken?….Just like that?

I see a lot of people trying to change but, their past causes them to continue to hurt themselves and be subject to further abused…because they cant see what’s coming at them…because they’re too busy lugging around their past!

I see why some people don’t change. Its so very hard, Sometimes, surviving the lashing from others, during transition….can be the hardest part.

How would you feel if your male partner used to be involved in Sex Trafficking, and never told you? Maybe you found out because a female died years ago and no one was ever held accountable. Twenty years later, a cold case comes to light and you and your significant other receive a knock on the door!!! What if they had totally changed their lives and didn’t do anything wrong, again….but, now, they will be facing prison time for who they used to be?

What would you do, if you were a male…and you found out that your current wife was a stripper for ten years, when she was younger and decided not to tell you…for obvious reasons. After all, she didn’t tell you….and now she is your wife and mother of your children. Would she have been just a phase…had she revealed her past to you?

Its something for us to think about.

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