Classic Collision Atlanta LEU #284

Posted on 17. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I’ve said it before.. and I’ll say it again…”How many times can you wreck a car, before it is totaled!”  No question about it!

Isn’t it amazing how stress can damage a body, just as badly…or if not more than physical injury.

I applied for SSI yesterday. Anything and everything I do revolves around my back pain.

I just love it when the police and the court system treat abused women…as if they can’t just get up and walk away. Good Luck with that! Why should the system take care of me…when they aren’t responsible for Manfred’s actions? Even though I would like to let it go, I can’t. My life has been turned inside out. No matter how much I move forward…there are a lot of things that will always point back to this crap!

At least everyone relevant, now knows that its all you! Do the math! Print it all out and line it all up…the paper trail all points back to you!

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