Classic Collision Atlanta Life Through Goggles #423

Posted on 07. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I just realized why I quite recreational drinking. There is the person you are, before you begin to drink. Then, you have the person who is drinking. Then you have the person that is drunk. Then there’s a little matter of the person who is hung over. Then, there is that person who eventually becomes sober, again…and acts like they are normal and everything is fine. Yet, they are dealing with all of the things that cause them to drink…in the first place.

I came to the conclusion. …The world can call me crazy and nuts, all day long! At least I’m doing something about my problems. And actually, I don’t have any problems…other than the rest of the world….people like Manfred…walking around in their suits…owning their businesses and fancy homes and cars…and pointing their fingers at others and looking down their noses. Actually, I don’t know many people who act/look like they have it all together…that aren’t the most —-ed up individuals I have ever met.

Isn’t that horrible. Just because you look one way, doesn’t mean anything.  Id rather be exactly who I say I am.  Doesn’t life hand us enough personalities, sober!

I’m sorry. It sounds like I’m picking on others. I’m not. I just think that its funny that others look at my  behavior as so outlandish. Well, take it from me…the alcohol allows them to be have normally…throughout the day. Camouflage, if you will. Then, in the evening…it allows them to tolerate the façade. Its very destructive. I thank God that I’m dealing with things. I just wish they’d take a look at their own behavior…..Then, at mine! What am I thinking? Denial! Duh! Id rather be in my shoes. Isn’t that scary!

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