Classic Collision Atlanta Like Father, Like…… #297

Posted on 08. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, let me get this straight….

You use your wife….knowing that she will never leave you because of her devotion to God…and her belief that she made a commitment…and death to us part is very serious to her. She made a promise to stick with you, for better or for worse…and boy, did she get the short end of the stick, on that deal. You would never be man enough to leave her….you may think you love her. You will never love anything, as much as you love half.

Now, you are using your children! That is sick. There is no doubt, in my mind…that Yancey and his boss, know what happened in my meeting with your attorney and my former boss…and they read the email that lead to another YouTube video.

Guess what…everybody agrees….

You will have me hurt….you now have to wait…

What was looked upon as “That bitch is out there” mentality, before…is now a thing of the past. Its just a matter of time.

Would you like to know where you screwed up, again? If you have me whacked, after you die…now the debt will lie on the shoulders of those who inherit your company…that is because one of them just gave everyone a reason to believe what I suspected.

Your family sees me as someone who is threatening the company name.

No, don’t sit back and accept the fact that Manfred Kammerer raped and abused…hang Engrid. Oh well.

Manfred, you could have kept your cool and accepted the fact that I had a right to be angry…and everything I said in that email was to be expected.

Nope…you printed out that email…and it was hand delivered.

Once again, you are tearing your family apart….now, when you have EVERYTHING to lose.

Do you care that your family will pay for what you have done? It doesn’t matter if you are dead…once you do make good on your threat….all of this will be on the news…around the country. Have you ever thought of how that will impact the welfare of your family’s future?

Not only have you involved them in this mess but,…some of the families you do business with are very respectable…not like yours. Do you think that they will want to refer business to your children’s company? No one ever hears anything good about you or your family….I wonder why! What was once rumor and speculation…will be cold hard facts.

Do you think people will want to take their automobiles to be repaired…by a man…who is now looked upon as the Mandolfsky of car repairs….who not only committed rape and murder….but, he dragged his family members into it too….which lead to its demise???

Be a man. Leave your family out of this. Handle your business, yourself, once and for all!



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