Classic Collision Atlanta Looks Are Deceiving #405

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Why do people think that this will go away, as soon as I quit posting?… That my life will go back to normal, overnight….That I will be able to have a normal relationship…. That I will be able to work full time and it will be as if none of this ever happened????? And despite the fact that I could have had a fresh start and actually believed in love, again….even though I had been through mortal hell than most people combined….

I was raped and now, I officially hate men because, I think that they’re all full of crap…and regardless of what is or what isn’t…they all have to delude themselves into thinking that they conquered you….They couldn’t give a damned about me….because, if they did…they would deal with me accordingly and save the B.S. for someone who is interested…Some people like it!

The world is obviously content with Scumbags in the workplace. Otherwise, they would complain to the EEOC and put and end to it.

What am I thinking? That is why I’m here. I get aggravated and frustrated…How many times will I have to tell a person…. People don’t behave the way that they do…for no good reason. Should I call people stupid? You would not believe what goes on in your mind, while in recovery…and the reactions you get from people, when you discuss the things that have been occurring in your life…and that’s just going to UP and Quit, just like that????

I just took a glimpse of a series…where a man was trying to convince his wife that she should love him…the way he loves her. She wants nothing to do with him, yet separation, in that era really didn’t exist. So, to prove how much he loved her…he forced himself on her. Oops, I’m sorry…he raped her…his own wife. She kept saying NO and he wouldn’t get off of her. But, in his mind, he was giving her what she needed…a reason to stay with him.

You’re right. That cant be rape. That is his wife. But, she said NO! He is just a pig who is trying to delude himself into thinking that he is the Rock Star she needs.

The thing is…if you’re a male…and  you’ve done this….you’re just as messed up as the male in the series. Of course it exists. Males rape their wives, all over the world…everyday. And its just like when a male is confronted when cheating on his mate…90-99% of them would lie.

If you are a female and you have never had a man force himself on you…you would likely not believe it either…unless you have had someone close to you experience this.

If you are a female who has been raped…chances are, its hard not to witness it, everywhere you turn. Because…it is everywhere. So, the likelihood of just moving on…like nothing ever happened…over night…..

Chance are…you are cheating on your current partner…with Denial!

See, everyone looks at you and thinks that you are doing fine. Then, you open your mouth…..and, well….People just want to believe that you are doing better, so they don’t have to hear the horrible truth anymore. There’s one problem. There is a reason you are hearing of this. It is happening to someone you know, already….or, you will meet someone in your lifetime…or, unfortunately, this will happen to you.

Its sad, a female has a better chance of getting reaped that winning the lottery!

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