Classic Collision Atlanta Love The Way You Lie #246

Posted on 23. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I listened to this song, on the radio, yesterday. When it was released, I was so overwhelmed by the song itself…that I really wasn’t paying attention to what I thought it meant.  All I could do was crank up the radio and rock out. Yesterday…not so much. The thought of those words, once seeming very cool, made me so very sad me.

I think that it is sick that people who are abused…can somehow be turned on by what it means. That is what they have learned to be acceptable.

Only the artists know what this song truly means…regardless…they are two of the most talented artists that ever existed…I am sure that they meant well. Everyone has to feed their own fire…in their own way…and every individual has a different perception!

Eminem’ s Love The Way You Lie

You’ve gotta check out these lyrics!

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