Classic Collision Atlanta Manfred Called Off The Dogs #180

Posted on 24. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, you all have stopped posting about me. Is it because:

Manfred has had a change of heart? Don’t kid yourself. The only thing he uses it for is circulation.

It was “ALL GOOD”, while he needed you…now he doesn’t. He will keep you around, for a moment, just in case. Soon even though you have committed crimes for him…he will treat you like something he has scraped from the bottom of his shoe.

Go ahead…ask him for a favor. Better yet, see if he would even give you a discount on vehicle repair. He will avoid you like the plague.

You now have dirt on this man that could put him behind bars. You will call in a favor. He wont deliver. You will remind him of the activity the he is involved in and let him know that he owes you.

Manfred Kammerer will threaten your life.

There is a reason Manfred has called a cease fire. Is it because he hears me calling attorneys?

Do not trust this man, for one moment. He is a piece of garbage. Any normal, respectable business man would have sued me.

You will all be in my shoes soon. What are you going to do…cry to the police..

All of you willingly participated, I didn’t.

Even the hateful women that made disgusting comments from your Classic Collision of Buckhead computers….he will come after you…,and when he doesn’t get what he wants…he will use what you did against you…then remind you that the authorities didn’t help me…and they wont help you.

All of you…that have contributed to what Manfred Kammerer has done to me…bend over…YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET YOURS.


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