Classic Collision Atlanta Manfred Kammerer Crook at Large #435

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8/28/13; updated 8/30/13- I just received an email from a Lieutenant at the DeKalb County Police Department. It is not legal to post correspondence from the DeKalb County Police Department, on the Internet.

The facts remain.
A letter regarding rape, appeared on the Internet, before I opened it,
No one signed a copy out of open records.
It is not legal to post correspondence from the DeKalb County Police on the Internet.
What do you have to say to that, Manfred?

Reflecting on 8/9/13…

It took me nearly an entire year!

8/27-29/12- When the DeKalb County Police finally sent me the correct letter…in regards  to my rape case…it appeared on the Internet, before I opened it. It was brought to my attention 8/9/13- No one signed a copy of that letter out of Open Records Request at the DeKalb County Police Department…and now, I’m just waiting on confirmation, IN WRITING that…it is NOT legal to post correspondence from the DeKalb Country Police on the Internet, as well as it is NOT legal to post information regarding RAPE on the Internet! I was told, a year ago that it isn’t legal, by a Lieutenant. Now, I want it in writing. Do you know how many police department employees I have asked this question???? Do you know how hard of a time I am having getting an answer. Manfred, you are a CROOK. Someone in the DeKalb County Police Department helped you.

Why else would have any interest in obtaining a copy of that letter and posting it, other than Manfred Kammerer? Manfred, the letter doesn’t say that you didn’t rape me, It said that there was insufficient evidence, This information was presented to a judge, in August 2013, in order to try and obtain a warrant for your arrest. How do you catch a slime ball who commits all of his crimes in hiding…or threatens those who have proof and won’t turn you in?

Well, well, well. I think its time you sat down with your wife….and maybe told her the truth, for once in your life. She’s going to support you. She thinks that she is supposed to…no matter how poorly you treat her.

Thought Id leave it alone, huh! Punk!

Manfred, I told this man that I would spend the rest of my life in prison….in exchange for you keeping your hands to yourself!

So, if I’m nuts…why has your wife spoken to others about your affairs? How will you explain this one…as it was not a consensual affair…It was RAPE! Do you get off on looking into her eyes and thinking that you are conning her? If I’m nuts, why will she be seeing me on the news and in court…again….after the picketing?

Lets see…Money you’ve spent bullying me, Legal Fees, Trial, Classic Collision surviving media exposure. You just exceeded that $1ml con job you tried to pass off on me as a meaningful gesture. You know, the one where one of your attorneys was trying to play me…the one that has paid other women off for you…only so you could run around an tell everyone that I am a money grubbing whore!

I had strangers support my accusations while I was picketing. You are a molester, Manfred! Maybe some of the women that you paid off…will come out of the woodwork and ask for more. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Someone decided to do their job and help me, the victim. Not you, the criminal.

The text messages. I remember you asking me to send you a picture of my pussy, while I was at dinner with the mate of the person who told me about the Insurance Fraud! Get your threats across now! Type up a memo and have everyone memorize it before the big event!

The jury will expect to be supplied with Vodka or Xanax when they listen to all of the various females testify against you…that should cover the first insult of $50k, that you thought would make me go away!

There is no way in hell that anyone will look at my text messages to you and my cell phone log and not think…”I will never take my car to one of his shops!”…and they will tell all of their friends! After all, if you are innocent, you would’ve sued me back in 2009, when I began passing out fliers.

You will be begging me to settle with you, before this is over…and for what…because you wanted to play a game? Because you are a Dirty Old Sexual Predator and no one wants to play with you!…and you’re bored!

How do you think your wife will feel when she sees me on TV? Better yet, when people can’t hide it from her anymore…and they tell her weeks, months later! She busted you when you first went into business. This will confirm that you have been doing it for 30 years, the entire time you have been in business. Do you think you’ll be having a bad day,…when she sees that I’m going to end up in jail, in order to get my story on the news…because the police were in your pocket and didn’t investigate my case properly?

Good Luck Chuck. Get your ducks in a row.

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