Classic Collision Atlanta Manfred’s Racist Rants #301

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This is an update, 4/25/13. Sunday, 4/21/13, I became ill during the latter part of the day. It just so happens that Manfred and his team of bullies were in the midst of composing another video. That is because Manfred is scared to death that his wife will find out that he has been cheating…the entire time they have been married. She has confided in others about all of this. To the best of my knowledge, she busted him shortly after they opened their first body shop, nearly 30 years ago….this would mean that he has been cheating the entire time. I am, however, not a consensual affair. I am one of Manfred’s rape victims.

4/22/13, I noticed the Google alert that was emailed to me. Another video was made on the evening of 4/21/13, the evening in which I though I might be catching the flu.

Here is said information. If the video has been totally removed…I can only surmise that it is because of my comment, which was made on 4/22/13.

I received this message on 4/21/13-

Google Alerts <>

Apr 21 (2 days ago)

This morning, 4/23/12, slightly after 2:00a.m., the following video had been shut down. It will play when you copy and paste the link. I could not find it when I entered my name into YouTube:

Engrid Lirette : Protest gone wrong

Yancey Wafflehouse·1 video

Published on Apr 21, 2013

Engrid devises a cunning new way to get back at the “man” but it all blows up in her face when a rubber cyborg is sent to do her bidding without any clothing on. Guess she should have cleaned the sex doll out before sending him out.

This was the response I posted, today, 4/22/13:

engridliretteHYPERLINK “”

58 minutes ago

Yancey, I am sorry that you believe that the Kammerer’s will back you up in court. He wouldn’t help the woman he was fucking and he surely will not help you. You refuse to leave me alone. Now, you get to explain to your wife why you allowed me into her bed. She can check her phone records of the weekend that she went out of town with her girlfriends. Maybe Manfred will allow you to sleep on his sofa.

I agreed to have sex with you, not Manfred. This was none of your business!


I am simply posting these emails so that everyone reading the following posts…is aware that the videos….that are no longer existent…did exist.

I have busted Manfred Kammerer in so many lies that I have lost count.


What was once a battle is now a war….for my life…and I will fight to my death…no bones about it!


Mar 26

to YouTube

Either take these videos down, or I will sue you!

I emailed you last year, in regards to the first three videos. Apparently you do not understand the severity of this situation.

The man using the names Yancey and Lirette works for the man that raped me. I met with his attorney and my former boss on 3/20/13, Yancey began reposting about me on 3/21/13.Yancey put up a website about me in November 2012, Posting stopped after he was fired by the company in November. The son rehired him at another shop. As you can see, things cranked up again after my meeting. I have any email, dated the day after the meeting and the day of the first new posting, if you need to see it.

If you do not take down all of the videos and channels, listed above, I will seek legal council.

The man that raped me is Manfred Kammerer. He owns Classic Collision Body shops in Atlanta, GA. My site about rape survival is He is trying to bully me into taking down my site. You are contributing. I am applying for SSI today because, I have developed crippling back pain due to the rape.

I am trying to get this man to sue me. He has been molesting the women in his business and customers for 30 years. You shut down my videos about him, immediately. They were placed on the Internet because Mr. Kammerer threatened my life. You are allowing him to torture me with some of the most racist material that I have ever seen. The firsty video even contributes to my demise. Maybe you took him more seriously because his attorney contacted you?

If I have to obtain an attorney, you will be sued and you will pay his fees.

I will be glad to send you proof of ANYTHING that you may need.

Thank You,

Engrid Lirette



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