Classic Collision Atlanta MarcNAngel #279

Posted on 20. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I made a decision about what needed to be done, weeks ago. Unfortunately, I decided to give someone the benefit of the doubt…again…or did I? I think I went in circles again because, I its just so hard to believe that someone could be such an evil person. Nope, in the end, I can say that I sat down and spoke my peace.

I cannot make anyone behave in any manner. I do know, however…that what this has done to me…physically…alone…in the past week. It has been devastating.

Boy do you have some people snowed!

I started to become very happy, there, for a moment…then, it started seeping in ageing.

You should be suffering, not me. I do not believe that this has caused you one ounce of embarrassment. I think that you have used it to get attention. Why haven’t you stopped me?

If you felt bad about what you did or the way you treated me…you couldn’t have lived with yourself….the many, many times that you abused me…and saw firsthand what it did to me…you would have done everything in your power to fix whatever ailed me.

You are playing the sympathy card!

Although there are things that will never improve in my life…I will have to do my best to smile and laugh….those things are free…you hate that! That is the best medicine.

Maybe, just maybe…I will write for another four years. Hey, if this is good therapy for me…and its keeping me alive.

My job is to heal. Take this garbage and shove it. Lets allow the stress to destroy you…Is someone tapping your phone?…Are you being followed?…How much income are you losing form this?

Even better…Who will you use now? How much longer can you continue to lie and get away with it?…Do you see my face when you look at other females and think of doing the same thing to them as you did to me? When will you accept the fact that you raped me?


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