Classic Collision Atlanta May Your Ears Turn Into Assholes #282

Posted on 18. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It never fails. When you are dealing with ASSHOLES, you are going to get shit.

The information posted yesterday, listed on page one of my site…was never mentioned publicly, until then. Yancey and Manfred, you did this to yourselves. That information was mentioned in a meeting and on my cell phone…How do you all suppose that information appeared on the Internet?

Manfred, I hope that you are happy. You are pissed because you are losing at a game that I am not interested…and never was interested in playing with you.

You can only push a CRAZY Bitch so far…until she SNAPS!

Those of you who are trying to lead me to believe that Manfred isn’t behind all of this…

I could eat a box of Alpha-Bits and crap better excuses than the ones you guys are coming up with….

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