Classic Collision Atlanta Methamphetamine #142

Posted on 29. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I cannot think of a better day to introduce my recent discovery…other than today.

In Manfred Kammerer’s attempts to try to shut me down, I believe that he had hired people to bully me on the Internet.

Once again, posts #65 & #68, listed 3rd & 4th on my site prove…could very well prove my theory.

Unfortunately, Manfred just began an affair with Methamphetamines. I have been told by several people that, one of the people that is bullying me is a well known Meth addict.

Manfred, the pile you just stepped in…will not only penetrate your shoes’ leather and force you to have to discard them but, the stench will also be absorbed into your feet….then it will infect your entire body. You will then experience what I experienced, the entire time you were using me. You will feel like you have a flesh eating bacteria because, now…you too are sleeping with yourself.…Satan. You aint got nothing on this drug. Don’t ever think that you can trust any of the people that you have hired….You are now running with yourself…especially now that Meth is in the mix.

I would like for all of you to envision Satan…standing above you and scratching his skin. The dust particles which would fall from the sky…would be Methamphetamines!

Manfred, you would have been better off hiring a professional hit man to kill me, from the get go! Once you are involved in illicit activity with a person who abuses meth, it is a marriage made in Hell…that never ends…until you kill it.

Your behavior, Manfred, is very much like that of meth users….screw anything/anyone you can get your hands on, compulsive liars, thieves, cannot sleep at night form the paranoia of paybacks, no remorse, etc. Unfortunately, you think that you are in control because, you have all of the money. Watch your back. You promise people things because of how good it sounds…we all know you have a history of screwing people. Your wallet is not a meth users boss, the delirium in their head is. If they want your money, they’ll just take it…because they can. Looks like you have met your match!

Meth does not discriminate. I have seen it destroy people, homes, businesses and cities. In fact, the last I heard, those who have tried to stop using Meth…the success rate was only 6%.

Many Meth addicts are extremely thin, do not bathe regularly, do not sleep a lot at night(I have heard of people staying awake for 15 days in a row and more), steal from their loved ones/friends/employers, are habitual liars, have rotting/missing teeth, have redness in the eyes, sniff constantly, will wear sunglasses indoors, drink heavily, smoke heavily, make frequent visits to the restroom and are extremely moody…they eventually lose everything that they own…that is when the serious criminal behavior begins.

There are functioning meth users. They bathe, eat, sleep, etc….In the end, I have not seen many people Not lose everything they have or end up in prison. I watched a man and his wife lose millions. They were two of the most beautiful, intelligent, caring, outgoing, generous people that I have ever met…they were both in their early 50’s.

Not all cops are dirty…just the ones who are protecting Manfred. I have turned the Meth users name in, along with their supplier…to those who will use the information when necessary…not to those who will make copies of it and hand deliver it to Manfred…as all of the information that I have hand delivered to the police…and you know who you are….is now sitting in a folder on Manfred’s desk at home. Shame on you boys.

We know how men hate women’s’ intuition…because women are usually right!

As bad as some of this has gotten, I’d rather face my punishment HERE ON EARTH..I do not even wish to imagine…what those of you…who are adults…walking around raping and robbing…have waiting on you at the Pearly Gates!

Some of the punishment that I have received, for the things that I have done wrong…was/is brutal….an Eternity, I just cannot fathom. What you boys and girls are doing…Oh, I forgot…you get reminded of that every night when you are unable to sleep.

Its not worth it people…but, I guess that is something we all have to figure out for ourselves!

Well Manfred…since all you care about is SCREWING PEOPLE….let me be the first to congratulate you. You just screwed the mother load.

I am so very sorry. I would not even wish this upon you. I only wish for you to stop molesting people…mentally, sexually and financially!

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