Classic Collision Atlanta Minimizes #240

Posted on 29. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It never fails. I can’t shake a stick without hitting a female whose been abused! Oops, maybe that was not a good choice of words.

I try to wait a while before I write about those I encounter…..So, by the time I write about them…I am able share with all of you…without behaving psychotically!

I am beginning to feel very blessed. The worst I received was being raped by a narcissist…who is a multi millionaire…that wouldn’t give me gas money…yet was/is willing to spend money, hand over fist to torture me….while hiding behind others…and will one day have me killed…

I met a woman who told me that one of her old boyfriends beat her head up against the staircase…so many times…that her contacts fell out…

That’s —-ed up! What in the Hell is wrong with these boys?

Well Manfred…here’s to you! You want people to pay attention to you…abuse is abuse. Each post is dedicated to a woman that you have used/abused!

Man, do I really want dedicate that much more time to this?

Well, my recent financial loss…due to Manfred Kammerer…will ensure that each and every post…is delivered, each and everyday!


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