Classic Collision Atlanta MLK #221

Posted on 17. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I believe it was George Carlin. The other day I was listening to stand up comics…and I will never forget the following  phrase…

America was founded by slave owners who left their country because they wanted to be free….

I am pretty sure that the comedian was George Carlin and I cannot wait to hear that again. The term hypocrite was also used…..necessarily!

I CANNOT IMAGINE WHAT IT WAS/IS LIKE TO BE IN YOUR SHOES. There are things that we all will face…in our lifetimes…that no other person will be able to understand.

Life has taught me…time and time again…that you get what you give.

Today was a big day for many. I hope that everyone truly appreciates the sacrifices he made for them.

As I continue on with Rape Volunteer training…I am totally disgusted…so many of us still do not have the same rights as the white man..

On that note…I don’t know one man that could handle a menstrual cycle, much less child birth….yet, women do not deserve equality…even though men wouldn’t exist without us.

This is not about me….this about those of you who celebrated this day by honoring your mentor…not those of you who went shopping because you had the day off!

Keep believing in your cause…keep fighting your fight…and one day…


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