Classic Collision Atlanta Money Changers #293

Posted on 11. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


For a moment, it was nice to think that I may not spend the rest of my life on Disability and that the only thing I will have to worry about is…when Manfred Kammerer will have me killed.

Manfred had his attorney offer me money…to see if that was what I was after…with no intentions of what he was suggesting. Manfred, was once again, toying with me.

God only knows what this has cost him already. I know, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on hurting me….God forbid that you pay for my physical and mental damage.

While I was watching The Bible, on Easter Sunday, there was mention of  money changers…you, all over the place, Manfred.

I do not have any intentions of profiting from any of this. I am not Manfred Kammerer. He would expect every penny from anyone who brought harm to him or his family. He would expect to profit. That is not the way the world works, Manfred….at least…not my world. Un fortunately, this is no different than a car accident….where a person has suffered irreversible damage…and the insurance company wants to pay the victim, a quarter of their worth.

O.K….so, your daughter gets raped…and abused…is now, more mentally and physically damaged than before…has lost six years of her life…and will suffer from what the man has raped her, has done to her…for the rest of her life. The man that raped her offers her $50k. How would you feel? Then, he offers her $1ml,,just to —- with her. Its business, right!

To God, you are a man who repairs cars, for a living….you are no different from the men who crawl under the cars, in all of your shops, who perform the dirty work…which allows you to look down your nose at them.

The day I posted your attorney’s suggested offer, via you…I went from feeling very depressed and suicidal….to being able to laugh again and not having as much SEVERE back pain. I am still sleeping A LOT…but, your lies and garbage cause me to destroy myself. Its because…that is all they are…LIES and GARBAGE.

I went from eating so much…that I went from a size 2, to nearly a size 4…in 1.5 weeks…to having no appetite at all….and having to force feed myself….now, I’m able to see my rib cage and hip bones. If keeping what you did to me…inside of me…causes me to destroy myself…that goes to show you that I would be dead …had I not picketed last year. Since I posted your nonsense, the other day…I am beginning to feel better.

When it comes to choices…who do you think I’m going to choose…you or me? Nobody has to ask me twice!

If I’m crazy…take me to court and have me declared insane. I am not crazy. I am standing for all you have harmed. Tell her the truth, Manfred.

I know that you are going to hurt me…it has bee proven…time and time again.


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