Classic Collision Atlanta More Presents For Manfred! #199

Posted on 05. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I wondered what people would think…when they read certain posts of mine. Some may think I’m crazy…although I have the courage to say what most people think…they just kiss these people’s assess, when they are n front of them…..then talk serious trash about them behind their backs.

Then, I remembered something…there were so many times that I took things out on the wrong people in my life and that was not right. Therefore…no matter how distasteful some of this sounds/..I cannot be too concerned about it.

Manfred is the cause of most of my distress. It is my responsibility, as an adult…to deal with my issues accordingly. So, people can think what they wish to, all day long!

Manfred, you are a rapist…and if I choose to berate you…it is my responsibility to determine whether you are the source of my angst…and if you are….Whammo!

I do not need to behave like the rest of the sheep in the world…I shouldn’t be abusive to people at work because I’m not getting any at home or this years net was lower than last year, etc…

So, this stuff probably sounds creepy but, I’m not taking it out on those who have supported me in the last six years. You wanna take credit for everything….here you go!…attention HOG…you have to take the bad with the good. Sorry that there is 99.9% bad!

That’s not my problem and you can just get over it!

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