Classic Collision Atlanta Mourns #449

Posted on 12. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I would like to thank Manfred Kammerer for allowing his bullies to post the Twitter account about me. What kind of sicko would even joke about those who were anywhere near, much less IN the TWIN TOWERS? You are a sick, disgusting pig! I’m struggling, daily…. To get rid of what you did to me, you horrible bastard. I get why males rape. They do is so they can turn around and blame it on their wieners! Sad, sick, sorry excuse to behave poorly! But, this!!!! To hate people that you have never even met…to the extent that you could plan and execute something so horrifying!

There are people who will never get over what happened to them, on that day! For that, I am truly sorry!

Remember, Manfred Kammerer…everything that you have said, will haunt you 10,000 fold. Stating that the 911 victims got what they deserved…Well, you may as well have said it. They are your stool pigeons! You will pay for every action that has been taken against me, under your authority!

I envy those who believe that this only happens to other people. Then again…if people like Manfred Kammerer don’t exist…how did 911 occur? Are those victims crazy? Are they making all of this up? No, its as real as what is happening to me!

Evil is alive and well…and one of its masks resembles the face of Manfred Kammerer.

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