Classic Collision Atlanta My Death Warrant #25

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In the beginning of April 2012….This is the list I posted on Facebook. I sent it to Manfred Kammerer’s employees, before doing so, as mentioned in my last post.

Manfred Kammerer, the owner of Classic Collision(s) in Atlanta, GA, raped me while I was employed at his Chamblee location. Everything I have accused him of is true and I have evidence of it all. Several of his employees?…acquaintaces?..whatever they are?…have decided to stick their noses where they don’t belong and post lies about me. If they want to post the truth, that’s fine. Manfred, this is what you get for being a liar, an abuser, narcissist and a crook! I am posting anything I have been able to recall about you! I bet you wish you’d have kept that threat to yourself and had me whacked. Remember, if a hair is misplaced on my head, the doors of BOTH of your residences will be receiving knocks from the police. No means no! I wanted nothing to do with you. You are a disgusting person who has no use for anyone/anything other than what you can get out of them/it.

This information, along with the email I sent to three of your employees last night, has been forwarded to the DeKalb County Police. See you in court. I want the world to know what you did to me and God only knows how many other women.

Here are some of the things that I have heard about Manfred Kammerer. Their sources are listed first, the information second. All of this was told to me by people who either had direct dealings with Manfred Kammerer or witnessed these things firsthand. If the information came from a third party, it will have the word rumor placed before it.

List#1 Employees were the source of the following information

Classic Collision paid several female employees off that accused Manfred Kammerer of sexual harassment. No charges filed with the EEOC or court cases equals NO PUBLIC RECORDS.
As of fall 2010, there were still illegal immigrants employed at a particular shop.
Manfred asked one of the employees if she was sucking all of the big black d—s in that particular shop.
Classic Collision is committing Insurance fraud
Manfred made an employee sign and return a check for insufficient wages after the company was informed that certain employees were not compensated properly; this employee was told to sign and return the check or be fired.
Classic Collision owed money to an employee who resigned and had every right to be compensated.
Pads tickets at the High end shops by $100.00. Several employees reviewed repair bills from its shops vs. one of its highest grossing shops. The only conclusion was that they figure that wealthy people don’t look at the itemization of their bills.
Employees who embezzle have to reimburse the company; all of the males have been prosecuted, except for the male I had a consensual affair with & none of the females are prosecuted.
Rumor- Placed his hand at the back of a particular female’s head and shoved her face into his crotch, each time he visited a particular location

List #2: Things that I have heard about Manfred Kammerer from either Acquaintances or Business Associates…so, I guess that these could be rumors

Hired strippers to work as receptionists, in order to obtain sexual favors; were fired or quit when promises by Manfred were not fulfilled.
STRIPPERIFICK was his nickname back in the day.
I was as told that he was being indicted in the Fall 2011.
It has been suggested that Insurance adjusters have been bribed behind closed doors. I don’t think bribery is a prevalent as it used to be. I once overheard things coming form an office where an insurance adjuster, an estimator and a manager were having a meeting. I later asked why they didn’t close the door. I was told that they are no longer allowed to do so. So, that allegation makes sense.
Manfred Kammerer Sexually harasses all of his receptionists. Duh!
That man would f— his mother for a quarter and throw her in front of a bus for another one….Man, how I wish I could take credit for that one.

#3- Manfred Kammerer himself told me these things  

One of his employees was a prostitute in the evenings. I said that she probably was, seeing what he paid his parts employees. The employee was a single mother and was being earning $8.00 an hour.

No amount of money could force him to F— one of his members of management.

Manfred called one of his former managers a Crazy Bitch. Ironically, the manager was called back recently to ask if she would consider coming back to work for the company.

Told me that he had some really important friends and could make a phone call, when I offered to tell his wife about what he was doing to me.

Manfred told a customer that he was single. The customer came into the shop after meeting Manfred in the parking lot. She came in and asked who he was and if he was married. I stated that he was and asked her why, was it because he “HIT” on her and she said that he did.

Told me he’d never lie to me, mislead me or hurt me.

You’ve been f—ing that guy? Manfred’s response to the indiscretion I informed him of, a year into my employment. I had an affair with a manager. I was not reprimanded or fired, as I had suggested. From that point on, Manfred began visiting the location where I was employed 3-5 times a week. I only recall him visiting once every week in a half to two weeks. He may have visited nearly once a week. I recall him coming in to sign paychecks but, never this frequently. I told Manfred, at least a dozen times that I did not want to engage in sexual activity with him. It could destroy me, as I have had a life that only Sadists would wish on their enemies. In 2010, he rehired the man I had a consensual affair with. This man embezzled $25k from the shops petty cash and was repairing automobiles off of the record. I was told that this man was not prosecuted, as all males who are caught stealing from Classic Collision are prosecuted. I was also informed that he did not have to reimburse the company. Manfred rehired this man because I was becoming strong enough to get away from him. He wouldn’t give the woman he abused (me) gas money but, would forgive a $25k+ debt.If he prosecuted and made one employee pay back a $1,000(male) and made another pay back $250,000(Female/didn’t prosecute her), why wouldn’t he prosecute the man I had an affair with?…or make him reimburse the company for the $25k he had stolen?!?!? It’s because that man and I were good friends and I agreed to have relations with him. MANFRED, WHO I WAS GROSSED OUT BY, BRAINWASHED AND RAPED ME. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?!? Man that guy is ugly… Manfred’s comment regarding an employee after returning from his funeral.   During my abusive relationship with Manfred, I asked him if he’d thought about having sex with me, when I was being interviewed for the job. He stated that he’d thought that he might be able to get a BLOW JOB out of me.   Manfred asked me to bring pornographic movies, sex toys and other women, at least a dozen times. This, coming from a man who wouldn’t even buy me a gift certificate to Kroger when I was hungry, much less a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret…even though I’d be wearing the lingerie for him! That’s O.K., Manfred will be happy to know that most of what I wore for him was from Goodwill. Yes, it was used!

Manfred told me that I could train to be an advisor, then told my boss that we didn’t need any more advisors at that time. I wanted to become better educated to assist customers. I would have been trained on down time. After I resigned, he told me that he told my boss that I could have become an advisor. The man who was screwing me wouldn’t even allow me opportunity to advance myself career wise. What a creep.

Manfred has been telling employees that I was fired. I resigned, was taken to lunch by Manfred, asked to reconsider my resignation at lunch by Manfred, was hand delivered a letter of recommendation by Manfred in Buckhead and was paid severance. If he wouldn’t pay moneys owed to an employee who resigned, why would he pay a woman he fired severance? I look back now and realize that he was sweating bullets. He could have been sued in court by me. That was his way of pacifying his behavior. Had management informed me of my legal rights, I’d have taken this man to court so that all of this would be in public records.

I never break up with anyone; they always break up with me.

Agreed that he would would have his son in law’s legs broken, had his son in law ever treated his daughter the way Manfred treated me.   The post that encouraged me to publicize this list…someone commeneted that I walked around the shop with short skirts and no panties..and that I would flash everyone? O.K.,  YOU ASKED FOR IT. Manfred forgot to mention that he asked me on three different occasions to show him my p—-, WHILE I WAS IN HIS OFFICE. That is where that lie came from.Everything that I have posted about Manfred, in the past is true.

If those who were not there, find it appropriate to post lies about me, and you didn’t witnesss these things firsthand…have never met me…and did not work with me… I am allowed to post what is the truth and I will at least have the decency to note what I consider to be rumors.

Manfred, is it a wonderful thing when people post LIES about you? I do not believe that these are lies. I would not put anything past a man who thinks everyone was put on this Earth to serve him with no concern about anyone’s welfare, etc…Not even your own! Isn’t that interesting?

In the 68 years that you have been alive, you haven’t figured out that not being able to keep it in your pants…does not make you a man…it makes you a fool. You are jeopardizing everything you have…all of the reasons that allow you to think that you are better than everyone else. I have never had sex worth $150 ml. Have you? I hope it was worth it.

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  1. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  2. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012