Classic Collision Atlanta Needs Good Men #173

Posted on 01. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There was a birthday party today. Its rather interesting to see what excites a child vs. a teenager vs. a young adult vs. a person entering their mid life crisis years vs. a senior citizen.

Look at some of the gifts that children are receiving these days. Its insane. Do you remember what a challenge it was and still is…who is the prettiest…who has more money…who received more gifts …who will be asked to the prom first…who will make more money in their lifetime…who will drive the nicest car….who is the most handsome…

How much of this really matters?

It is really too bad that appearances and quantity seem to be more important than quality and character!

I do know that the young man who celebrated his birthday, today has faced more challenges that most adults I know…before he reached double digits.

I pray that he had an awesome day. I pray that he grows up to be one of the most amazing men on the planet. I pray that he never loses sight of who he is and what he believes in…and I pray that he grows up to become a wonderful husband and father.

From what I have seen and experienced…this world needs all of the good men that it can get!

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