Classic Collision Atlanta Never Doubt #139

Posted on 01. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was listening to the Fish this morning. There was a woman who was stating how the Fish came along, in her life, when she REALLY needed it. Her husband died two months ago. She and her husband had only known one another for a total of two years and they were only married eight months. She lost him to cancer. She then stated that her faith in God has been questioned tremendously….after exiting church one Sunday, she just so happened to tune into the Fish on her way home. Last but not least, she couldn’t have asked for more….at that exact time and place in her life.

What do you say to someone who is in crippling pain? How do you put your opinions and feelings aside….so that you might be able to say just the right thing? After all, its not about what we think that this person should feel. It is about us being there for that person, in the exact manner that is called for…

Moving on is so difficult sometimes. Life seems to be moving g foreword, in all other aspects…for everyone else…yet, we wake up years later, only to find that we just couldn’t fight those demons any other way. The demons that allow us to question God.

As I am writing, tears are dropping onto my fingertips…praying that she is able to keep her faith…and that she is able to survive what has been brought forth to her in life.

Satan was always ready, willing and able…any time I had doubts.

When we are weak…that is when he enters!

I cannot begin to imagine what this woman is going through. I do remember, however, what it is like to doubt God….but, that is when I did not believe in God. I think the fact that I denied him for so long is why I appreciate him SOOOO much now. So, doubting God, while having faith in him…that must be a tough one.

All I can say is…my worst day WITH GOD cannot to the everyday Hell that I had lived without him.

It doesn’t matter what happens to me….rape, cancer, homelessness…I cannot imagine a life without him….and everyday, I pray for the courage and the strength to continue on the path that he has chosen for me.

I pray that this woman will soon be able to grasp…how fortunate she truly was…to have loved so deeply…no matter how brief it was.

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