Classic Collision Atlanta Not Again #102

Posted on 05. Feb, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Guess what I received …NOT AGAIN…


Sep 17 (3 days ago)

to me

Hi Engrid,

Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account.

I thought this was in regards to a conversation I had that morning…but, later realized that I had mentioned beginning to repost on Facebook…the weekend prior!


What is your problem? Why don’t you just get this over with? I gave you back your flesh eating bacteria…fun isn’t it? You are a procrastinator from HELL! Well, that makes sense…burn now, burn later…its all the same to you. Your circumstances will never change…But, since you are so miserable…wouldn’t you be even more miserable if you were able to REALLY PUNISH ME!…NOW THAT MAY MAKE YOU SMILE…BUT, SMILING GOES AGAINST MISERY…UNLESS ITS AT SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPENSE! OHH LA LA!

Gas money to the police station has to be cheaper than what you are paying all of those people to bully me! And GOOD GOD ARE YOU CHEAP..just think of the ten cents you will make off of me when you sue me! Ooh Doggie!

Look, I almost became violently ill the other day…that was because I realized that I was not committing the appropriate amount of time and energy to fighting my fight. I was kidding myself that this was going away. I will not quit until I know that I have taken every necessary measure, to make sure that you harm anyone else, again!



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