Classic Collision Atlanta Now Its Happening in Mine #94

Posted on 12. Feb, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta



The feeling of incompletion would only amount to defeat. There is only so much that a size two can do but, who thought I do as much as I have done!

The older you get…a piece of you dies, when you set out to complete something that is life changing. I am standing up for what is right. Manfred Kammerer is ALL ABOUT REVENGE. It has been suggested that he is trying to pay me back for punishing him. Manfred, I’m not trying to punish you. Something in me tells me that I could have done some serious damage, if that is what this were about. Just keep it in your pants old man…..and wait. Your real punishment is yet to come. It will not be delivered by me. I cannot carry that kind of weight.

Keep screwing with me Manfred. As you can see, God will take care of me. He always has and he always will.

So..I wont be able to become gainfully employed again…because of all of the RACIST/SEXIST videos you had made about me. I can only imagine the number of videos that have been added since I shut commenting off on my site.

No one tells Manfred Kammerer to SHUT THE —- up, except Engrid Lirette.

The longer you wait, more and more people are finding out about who you really are. How many people look you up daily? No one looks my name up, unless they discover it when they are looking for a collision center and read the site built about you. You can only —- people for so long and get away with it. That’s not my problem. You have been screwing your employees since day one…your business is none of my concern. The females inside of it, that you might prey on, are!

Very soon…especially since I will not be able to get a job… because of what you did to me….I will have NOTHING BUT TIME ON MY HANDS. Someone will help me.


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