Classic Collision Atlanta Oh Agony! #115

Posted on 23. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I’ve watched two couples separate recently. They have separated because one of each of these couples is an addict/user. It breaks my heart because, all of the people are wonderful. Unfortunately, the other of the two are HUGE GIVERS. Well, take two users and two givers…who do you think will get hurt in the end? Its not to say that the users aren’t givers…they just cannot see outside of their own needs. They cannot put the other person before them…which is sad. The nonusers give 1000% and you would think that, even having been told repeatedly…that the users would be able to tend to the nonusers when they need it. A person who gives 1000% is entitled to that 10-25% when they need it!

There are many signs to look out for when you are trying to avoid users…..

Allowing a person to put your needs first but, not willing to put the other persons’ needs first.

Allowing someone to jeopardize their health to help you when you wouldn’t help them in that situation…mainly because they too self absorbed to ask or be aware that the other person is in need.

Always being more than willing to take/accept from others when they don’t do the same.

Asking others to do favors for you that you wouldn’t do for them.

Have any of you ever had your mate ask you why you haven’t called them when you are incapacitated….you are in a relationship with this person…you have told them that you are ill…and they don’t even ask you how you are feeling?

Allowing others to be there for you, all of the time…yet never picking up the phone to see how one of these people might be doing or if they need anything…and if they ever did, its always based upon how it applies to them.

Everything is ALL ABOUT THEM.

Remember, all users aren’t bad. Some of the them are not in their right minds, a lot of them have been abused and lot of the them turn their lives around and end up being givers. THE ONES YOU NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR ARE THE MANFREDS OF THE WORLD. THIS MAN IS USING SOBER! IT FRIGHTENS ME BECAUSE..THE TWO USERS THAT I HAVE MENTIONED ARE NOW USERS..BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN USED ALL OF THEIR LIVES, AS THEY USED TO BE GIVERS..AND NOW THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING BUT SEEK FROM OTHERS.

I see couples staying together, for all of the wrong reasons…

I see women staying with men who are neglectful and abusive..

I see men staying with women who don’t take care of them when they are damned good providers.

I guess I’m praying for those who are not in productive relationships. Life is short…its only getting shorter…and there are way too many people who don’t know what’s going on in the world…don’t have a clue about life…and they are willing to waste your precious time.

Encourage those who need it…be a good support, not the kind that says “Get Over It” or “There, There” but, wont take the time to see a person through their struggle(s).

I feel awful having been this way once, myself…I even feel like I’m a hypocrite sometimes. The behavior makes me sick. All I can do now…post Manfred…is look for the signs…give those who I choose a couple of chances…and when they behave as Manfred does…or even in ways that I once did…I HAVE TO CUT THEM OF. I AM ALWAYS BETTER OFF BEING A BLESSING TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN THERE FOR ME…VS. WASTING MY RESOURCES ON THOSE WHO ARE FLAT OUT USERS..OR THOSE WHO ARE NOT READY!

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