Classic Collision Atlanta Oh No…Oh Yes #236

Posted on 02. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Well, people are reading this site and freaking out. I’m just trying to move forward. What I didn’t realize is….the posts in the beginning are pretty damn strong! I had forgotten about their content! How do you back peddle out of that? You don’t! Looks like you are trying to. I’m not!

Manfred, women are reading this. Many of them have been abused. If they have been abused…they have been where I have, mentally. Do you think that they are going to want to support your habit?

As I have stated, I had forgotten much of what was at the beginning of my site. Good Lord!

To think that you thought…that it was acceptable to do all of this…in addition to the abuse! I know, you are not about to accept what you did…you’re too busy pointing out what everyone else has done to you.

You are listening, still, I’m sure….are you ready to take this to the wood shed now?

My presence just helped a woman escape YEARS of abuse….its working for me…I am helping others. The reward has been magnificent.

I have nothing to lose…you have everything. Why don’t you have your attorney sashay himself…over to the court house…and file a suit against me! You have nothing to gain, financially, if you sue me…yet, you could shut me up. Think of all the business you might be losing because of me….

Which will be greater…the amount you stand to lose…if you allow me to continue…or…

The amount you will lose…once a lawsuit made all of this a matter of Public Records…for your future victims!

Your pain is of about as much interest to me as mine was to you. Whoops, I forgot…that requires a conscience! When will I learn????

All of this rain…gotta be a lot of new traffic for my site!


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