Classic Collision Atlanta One! #79

Posted on 25. Feb, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I am having one of those mornings. When a person wakes up at 1a.m., it cannot be good!

Confused about my path…should I stay or should I go? Unfortunately, in the past…every time I let my guard down and decide to move on, I get blindsided. Yes Manfred…had you left me alone while I was picketing…none of this would’ve happened.

It doesn’t matter who has more money, who is better looking, who has the endurance to run in this race longer…I have to remember why I am doing all of this. You aren’t used to losing. Women’s bodies, other than your wife’s, are not your playground. This is not a game.

Manfred Kammerer cannot be trusted. Just because he has ceased fire for two seconds, doesn’t mean anything to me. I can only surmise that he is moving in for the kill!

In the words of ___________, “Manfred always has an ulterior motive!”

Well, I have ONE thing to say to that!

I would not be where I am today, without this song!

Please feel free to review its lyrics, via the Internet.

If you are going through some really rough stuff…and you need to get reconnected, as Satan will surely separate you from God and try to destroy every ounce of hope you may have…this song may do you a lot of good!


6 Responses to “Classic Collision Atlanta One! #79”

  1. 8814WH

    28. Aug, 2012

    I’m mandating you complete this assignment for your homework tonight RE: Why Engrid will soon hate blacks.

    A real WHITE man wouldn’t have treated you like the half n half spainard you settled for.

  2. Whitehat gone wild

    28. Aug, 2012

    • Engrid

      26. May, 2013

      Whitehat gone wild
      IP Address from comment

  3. Whitehat mobile

    28. Aug, 2012

    So going by the lyrics in the song you feel violent Engrid? Is that a threat?

    How pathetic. Old ass alternative songs.

    Really? are you 16? because only 16 year old sluts post music in hopes of it conveying a message to their S/O.