Classic Collision Atlanta One Call, Thats All! #294

Posted on 22. Nov, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…I felt so much better. See what happens when you keep garbage stored in your system. I went from feeling like I could be totally disabled, in a few weeks….back to feeling like I will no longer be able to work, in a few years. Hey, I will take what I can get.

I would like to thank all of the people who participated in Manfred Kammerer’s Bullying Campaign.

One week before Easter, I made a phone call and called one of his houses…where his voice was on the machine….and left a massage for his wife…telling her what he did to me. I then emailed one of his attorneys and my former  boss…telling them that I had entered my name into YouTube, that morning…and found that Yancey began posting again….the day after our meeting…the same day that I sent the two of them an email stating that I am happy to tell Mrs. Kammerer, in court…what her husband did to me and has done to many other women……

Can you imagine?….as part owner of the company…she could go to prison for a lot of the things that have taken place in her company…whether she was present or not. Manfred just has not gotten caught…yet.

Time has passed…I have regained sight of why I am fighting, in addition to my sanity and my life.

This man has to be stopped. God put me where he did, for a reason.

All of you who lie…regardless of whether he threatens your job security or not…or you are a man who thinks that, as a female, I deserved this….or you haven’t been in my shoes or, you think that I’m just a crazy bitch who is seeking revenge…It doesn’t matter. All of you are allowed to have your opinions and I wouldn’t wish this on any of you. Just know this, Manfred Kammerer will throw you all under the bus.

I have confirmed many of my suspicions….especially the one where Manfred will have me hurt…he now has to wait a while….like I have been stating, all along. Everyone that has seen what has happened, now agrees with me….and what does Manfred keep doing….he keeps trying to even the score.

Well, Manfred….you could wait ten years…the paper trail is long…and there is no way out for you now. Maybe you’ll just wait for your wife to die. I don’t know…and I don’t care. There was a reason that I was a train wreck…even more so, for the four years after you raped me. You have done some severe damage, to others, in your life.

You destroy people and don’t even have the _________ to do the REALLY DIRTY work, yourself…

As I was told back in the day…“The best witness is a dead one!”

For all I know…maybe you have had people killed, already. That’d make sense…more skeletons…the kind you definitely can’t afford to let out of that closet!

What was your excuse, again,  for not taking me to court?

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