Classic Collision Atlanta Or Could It Be??? #185

Posted on 19. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I feel like I am being pulled in twenty different directions! I love it! There are times when I have felt so down and out, lately…that I didn’t know where to turn. That is because I lost sight of God. When you are down, that is when the Manfreds of the world present themselves. No matter how many times you have experienced tragedy…its easy to get blindsided and for Satan to steal another chunk of your life.

Last night, he nearly did it again. I have to accept the fact that there are people in this world…who are just plain EVIL, and that they will never change. I have also accepted the fact that some of these people can change…you have to keep them on a short leash.

Manfred, I think that there may be another reason for your having stopped…bullying me, that is…its because you are scared that certain people may not want to do business with you…people that have been exposed to people who have been used by you. They have seen it first hand…and it is only a reminder of how you operate. You don’t do anything for anyone unless you are getting something out of it….and if it is too good to be true, be ware…you will rape and pillage, to make up for it. That’s O.K…don’t pay attention to the fact that, not everyone can be bought! You just want to blame me and everyone else…because, its easier than taking a look in the mirror!

Remember…no one likes you. Most of the people that do business with you feel the same way about you as I do.

People do business with you because of your employees. You have some wonderful, talented staff members… who are the reason for your continued success. Too bad you cant see that.

That is O.K. Too bad your partner doesn’t abuse you, the way you abuse them. After all…you do most of the work, in that relationship…how would you like it if they treated you like you were nothing…they put up more money than you did. It is no different. Now, your company’s success it due to the back breaking work of all of your employees.

Let me tell you something…the detailers are just as important as you are! Why, they are expected to wok their fingers to the bone…rain, sleet or shine…and aren’t paid enough to starve on…and are only there for you to receive a tax break…and with out them…you couldn’t deliver a finished product!

Too bad you don’t get it!…and its all because you don’t want anyone to feel more superior than you. That is so sad!

I am living proof that…every time you screw anybody/anything…it will bite you on the ass! I guess that’s better than no attention at all, huh!

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