Classic Collision Atlanta Pick On Someone Your Own Size #308

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What I have been posting…is really difficult for many people to discuss, much less accept. The more we keep it in the dark, the more it exists. The damage that is caused by molestation and rape are no different that the damage that is caused in pornography. The only difference is….pornography is sensationalized a lot. They make it look glamorous…and IT ALLOWS males to use the “We need visuals excuse” …

I guess what I will never understand is….although most men do not have the biggest penis size, in the bunch…which is all they care about…which makes them ten times more sensitive than women but, would never admit to it because of their egos…and they can behave as if they are rock stars because, no one will actually see their SIZE…except in bed….Why is it so difficult for men to be sensitive to women’s needs. Obviously. Most women don’t look like the women that you would sees in a sex video…and that has to hurt ..especially when a man gawks at women who do???? Shouldn’t men be just as sensitive? After all, women can lose weigh and enhance their appearance…males are stuck with what they are given, downstairs. Maybe its easier to pick at what someone can see. No one can criticize a secret, can they?

That’s why Manfred wants to keep all of this a secret…or kill me, trying….People can’t judge what they can’t see…and how could we judge someone who is obviously perfect, RIGHT!

How many men watch pornography? How many of these men would have sex with the women that they see in the videos but, they would not be caught dead in public with those women..much less date them or eventually marry them????

How men are sexually harassing women, molesting women or raping women…and they simply don’t discuss it out in the open…or if they do…they are telling their friends that they are having really hot sex…and telling others that the women instigated it and they just cant get enough?!?! Yes…because men don’t lie, right? Sure.

Not only did Joyce Meyer’s father make her watch porn, when she was a young girl…he used to ask her to bring home girls from school. She would continuously make up excuses about why she couldn’t. One day, he molested on of her best friends…she and the other girl remained friends but, never spoke of it again….it was now a dirty secret that they shared. They didn’t know how to talk about it. They were scared. This was not something that they should have known about…especially not have experienced. Oh, I almost forgot to mention…her father molested a neighborhood girl too. Can you imagine..being a child/young adult..whose father is known for being a molester? Sorry, he was a Rapist! Forgive me…as Joyce had mentioned…her father was a rapist…molester just sounds a little less harsh.

I think one of the most disgusting things Joyce mentioned is…her father used to make her stay in the closet and watch him and her mother having sex…and ask her how it made her feel…

I am not trying to attack males or female here. People who force others to do things, sexually,  against their will  is my focus. I do understand that this happens on both side of the fence. I am a female who is discussing what has happened to her and I am referring to one of Joyce Meyer’s sermons. Unfortunately, I do think that this is a male dominated issue. That is something I will have to research in the future.

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