Classic Collision Atlanta Processing #422

Posted on 08. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


O.K. It is time. This has been eating at me like nobody’s business. He talks. He thinks we listen. If you don’t listen, he will eventually lure you into a corner…where there is no way out…other than to obey him. Initially, you begin to compare others on behavior…not necessarily to your own.  But, you’ll just begin to really focus on things that you really shouldn’t tolerate and its in a way that causes you seclude yourself. How much more can you seclude yourself or, how much more selective can you be?

Then, you realize that the behavior you are witnessing  is wrong. It always has been. Now its time to not tolerate any wrong doings.

But…then, you really realize why you’re knocking yourself on the head…way harder than you should. Its because you are seeing how bad things are and that they are wrong, period! You next wake up to accept your wrong doings…even though you can only  point out a few. They are wrong. If you look at others behavior and are disgusted by it…mainly because they don’t have to lie about what they are doing.…I get it, I used to be a part of some really bad —-. What would be so awful about what you are doing…that you’d have to lie? That means…you sure as Hell shouldn’t be doing it!

It is time. Yes, I used to do a lot of really bead stuff…now, its only a little. Now, that has to stop, all together. There are things that people do…and they are a matter of life and death. But, there are things that we do…just to do, that could kill us just as easily.

I recently had a friend tell me that they weren’t willing g to give up something that they were doing because, they would lose most of their friends. This person has everything. But, the one thing that they so desire…that would make their life truly take off and happen…that thing is standing in the way!

So, I have a very select group of friends and that is by choice. Allowing just anyone into my life….just to have people around….nah! Those you’ve chosen to surround yourself with…..ask if you could spend an eternity with them? Probably not!

I have proven, with time, that there is a result that I am going to get, in the end.

I guess that I am learning …that it doesn’t matter if its investments, friends, hobbies, etc…its not a good idea to put too many eggs in one basket.

Its easier to be alone and have acquaintances….

Be careful of those who have too much power. When all is said and done, they have nothing to lose…they’ll just move on. Sure they might feel badly but, feelings don’t put food on your table, gas in your car and a roof over your head!

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