Classic Collision Atlanta Read It Before He Writes It #395

Posted on 04. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I have no idea what happened but, I have a feeling that its good news for me. Do understand that good news doesn’t always mean winning or getting your way. It means that there was a reason for you purpose and you put everything you had into it. This is not about me and what I have to gain. This is about standing up for what is right.

It is actually quite eerie. But, I could not begin to describe it…if I tried…

Whatever happened last night…I am grateful and will take it for as long as it may last. The highs are amazing and very short lived now…and I mean: no nausea, anxiety, paranoia, migraines, severe mood swings, crying so hard that one could vomit.

This feeling of tranquility will end, as usual…and whatever Manfred has planned….will cause me a level of distress…so intense…that the things I mentioned above….will seem like ice cream toppings….

This has gone on for so long…that I can read it before he writes it…

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