Classic Collision Atlanta Recurring Dreams #402

Posted on 28. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Not again. 7/11/13, I woke up…having had some really wonderful dreams. Then, in the midst of those sweet and wonderful dreams…in crept Manfred. It was actually about my stopping all of this mess and moving on. There was a great sigh of relief, on his part. He got to walk away without a court case, no restitution and he didn’t lose his company. Then, it happened again. No sooner did I decide to have peace and happiness…and embrace my new life….did Manfred Kammerer turn around and start on his next victim! Well, when I lose sleep over this…or, it makes me ill…that means there still the need for me to press on!

Manfred, how many females are you doing this to…currently?

My old boss told me that he would do things differently, if he had to do it all over again. I don’t believe that. I think that Manfred is still doing this….employees are looking at him like…Are you kidding me! and Manfred is looking at himself and everyone else…like he’s still got it. Its easy to obtain things when you steal them and you are the owner of the company. People don’t consider that to be theft…even when its an employee that’s the item being stolen…

I can’t let that bother me. Manfred knows what he did. Obviously, this site scares the —- out of him. Therefore, that is worth something. We think we don’t make mistakes…when we are looking over our shoulders but, we do…

I guess if I am continuing to have this dream…its for a reason. Who can think about this, all day long, anymore? I cant! But, it doesn’t go away! It comes out in your dreams!

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