Classic Collision Atlanta Recurring Nightmares #401

Posted on 29. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had a dream, the other night…or should I say NIGHTMARE! Manfred was in it. Manfred was asking me if I was really upset….as in, actually. He didn’t get that you did anything wrong. He was clueless to the fact that this is real and isn’t going away and he wanted to continue on…..with things…the way they were. Just pick up where we left off#*&!?@

Is he out of his mind? Oh and let me tell you, he would if he could.

I couldn’t help but catch a phrase from a program the other day. A judge was asking a father, who owes child support, for four of his children ($184k+ was mentioned)…if he had a drug or alcohol problem. The man said that he did not. The judge called him the worst kind of dead beat father that he had ever witnessed….not only because he had failed to pay child support but, he was a God awful parent, sober!

The man kept saying that he felt like the worst person in the world but, there was no emotion in his tone or actions in his behavior that would match that statement.

Sound familiar Manfred?

Having a dream that a Sexual Predator wants to carry on, is one thing….having the Predator actually NOT get it, is another!

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