Classic Collision Atlanta Relapse #200

Posted on 04. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


They say that time heals all wounds. Well, the crippling back pain that I developed during my Internship…as a sperm bank…when during all of this…

Every time I get sick now, my back hurts worse than ever before. I’m assuming its because viruses attack the body…and the parts that are no longer what they used to be…suffer insanely.

I couldn’t take a bath earlier…if I had done so…my best friend would’ve had to retrieve me from the tub….I’m sure Manfred is reading this and getting excited…imagining me in a bath tub, nude…with no concern for my health and how my back became the way it did….but, he’d be happy to contribute to making it worse….of course, I had to do all of the work…you all know what that is like! That is who he is….he was constantly trying to dig in my blouse and pants…while I was in serious distress….because of him

So, today….Manfred…yes…I hate your fucking guts!

As much as I would have LOVED to skip writing today…I feel it is necessary to warn all women…boys like Manfred should be castrated….

Manfred, you caused my crippling back pain…knowing I didn’t have the resources to repair anything…much less my back.

So, I hope that those five minutes of ecstasy were worth the endless ass whipping that you are receiving now!

I feel sorry for all of the women in your life…God knows that you are only providing for the because of how it looks!

Each post that I write…I right a wrong…..a wrong that you have done to each and everyone of those women…since you  began all of this mess. Each of these women will begin to sleep, a little bit better…not knowing why…it’ll just happen.

Don’t thank me…one of the reasons you preyed on me is because I am generous to a fault. Awwwwww, guess this form of generosity isn’t working out that well for you.

Hope your new year sucks as badly as you do!

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