Classic Collision Atlanta Reverend Why Would You #430

Posted on 30. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday, I spoke of a TV Evangelist and my experience with meeting him. I found out, that evening…through conversation….that this person had been turned in for abuse, by a family member.

What would that be like? I know that I haven’t seen as much of him lately…who knows what’s going on with that????

So, do you erase all of the positive things that one has done…due to this bombshell? Are there more skeletons in that closet?

I think that the difference is…People in high power positions make mistakes too. Its what they do when they get caught. Do they lie about it? …Or…Do they accept responsibility for what they have done and spend the rest of their lives being a better person to their victim(s).

People envy others who have fortune and fame. I don’t see why! There is a lot of responsibility in that!

Can you imagine…being at the top of your game…having no marks against you…and being a respected member of the Christian Community…..then, WHAMO!

You never know when your time is up….

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