Classic Collision Atlanta Revision #222

Posted on 16. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Those of you who are reading my site for the first time…The Owner of Classic Collision Body Shops, in Atlanta, GA, is a rapist and sexual predator.

The good news is…I used to either begin these words with capital letters or they would be written in capital letters, period.

I began my fight back in May 2011…that is because what Manfred Kammerer did to me, nearly cost me my life. Yes, not only did he threaten my life, when I informed him that I would tell his wife…..I was on the verge of committing suicide.

Recently, I began a training program to help rape victims…that is where I have landed in life. Some were meant to give…some were meant to rape and pillage.

Manfred, If you put your hands on another female…without their consent, so help me!

You may be too big of a coward to sue me for slander…even though I am telling the truth….but, I have paved the way for future victims!

If you have to force yourself on a female…that means that she doesn’t want you!

I never wanted anything to do with you.

Once again…if I were any of the things that you and your little gang of bullies have said about me….why did it take a year for anything to transpire!!!!

You preyed on me, then raped me!

Whenever you look at a female, if you  have sexual thoughts or begin to pursue a female…other than your wife…I’ll be there.

Looks like you are spending a lot of time and effort…trying to improve your image. Nice website…the Integrity bit…a bit delusional, don’t you think. Just because you haven’t gotten caught….doesn’t mean its not true.

Any who…I wish you all of the success in the world. Poor baby…$150ml and counting and you’re still not happy! To each is own!

I do not wish for you to NOT be successful…I wish that the next woman that you do this to castrates you!

Have a wonderful day…and just know that…everyday without you is a gift…no matter how horrifying some of them have been!


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