Classic Collision Atlanta Rubbish #398

Posted on 01. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I am amazed at how women end up abusing themselves…for the abuse that they incurred during a relationship.

It can creep up on you.

Before you know it…instead of dealing with the situation, at hand….maybe because you have hurt too much already…you begin to abuse yourself…and before you know it…you are sitting in a Weight Loss class…or an addiction class.

You wake you one day…and not only do you have to survive the Hell bestowed on you by a former dipstick…but, you have to dig yourself out of this ditch where you have landed.

Why is it that the males always seem to land on their feet? And they just play the sympathy card with their future victims…and allow the females to fix their problems for them. And have you ever noticed…that sometimes they can get even more sympathy…by admitting that they treated their last victim…like a victim? If the male is 35 or older…is still treating women like dirt…and he just treated his recent piece, like a piece…chances are, he hasn’t changed and you’re next in line. Even if a person changes…after years of bad behavior…chances are…they haven’t changed everything. That’s just a part of life.

Its truly sick…we not only end up with the shit end of the stick, we have to dig ourselves out of the ditch we’ve landed in but, we end up having to clean up their messes with other women too!

I tell you what….I hope that in the next life…all of these males…that have created females so poorly…end up being indentured servants…to all of the women they have mistreated throughout their lives.

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