Classic Collision Atlanta Scandal, Manfred Style #285

Posted on 25. Nov, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


If I offend anyone, other than Manfred Kammerer, I am sorry.

This has to be said.

Do to recent events, I have informed certain parties of what will likely happen now.

Manfred, if anything happens to me, there are people that will make sure that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent and they will sue the pants off of you. Remember, you only have certain people under control…we’re talking the IRS, DEA, GBI, FBI, Insurance Commissioner and more. Can you handle that?

You should have left me alone when I was picketing. You hid and assembled a team of bullies to picket against me. I stopped because one of them would have caused someone to trip and fall…and they behaved as the type of people that would instigate a physical altercation. If you are innocent, why didn’t you picket with them? Instead, you supplied the materials and the verbiage….and allowed people who were not there….to fight your fight. Then, you convinced them that I was fired….that way, you could convince your wife that you were telling the truth….as rumors would spread.  Why in the Hell would I picket in February of 2012.…..after being fired on November 2007? That makes no sense. Manfred, you are a liar. I resigned…was paid severance, taken to lunch and asked to reconsider my resignation by Manfred Kammerer and given a letter of recommendation by my boss. See how that worked out for you. It worked out about as well as when that foul mouth female sent me a message stating that you never even touched me. That was shortly after you tried to have my site terminated…after it didn’t work, I remembered having the voicemails and put them on my site…hard to deny touching me…after hearing those voicemails, huh!

Every time I had just about gotten this garbage out of my system….you had to try and ONE UP me! Quit trying to win…you’re playing a game…by yourself! I AM NOT INTERESTED! I NEVER WAS!

I made a phone call…and it just so happens…that a police officer asked me if I wanted to borrow his phone…as there are not many pay phones left, in existence. I told him what I was doing…declined his offer…and found an alternate source!

Why did I wait six years? I couldn’t take it anymore! I was trying to keep Manfred’s this between Manfred and me, from the very beginning. I didn’t become foul mouthed and aggressive, until bullies began to tell lies about me on the Internet.

All of you who participated in Manfred’s BULLY ING of me, you are responsible. Trust me, when this comes out in the media, you will be held responsible….and do you think that Manfred is going to protect you? You saw what happened in November, don’t you!

There are current employees who will face doing time because of the crimes they have committed for Manfred Kammerer. He will not protect them.

The proper parties know everything.

The reason that I have said this is, I listened to the recent updates…about the teachers who were involved in the cheating scandals…aren’t they facing charges…even though they were instructed by their bosses to cheat???? Save yourselves. Manfred will protect his family and no one else!

Manfred, you think that people aren’t reading my site…the views of your videos increase daily….

How many people read long enough to get to the post that mentions the latest videos….

Pardon me…How many people do you think…can stomach everything…to that extent…

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