Classic Collision Atlanta Scrooged 2012! #195

Posted on 09. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There are high fives on the last day of every months, when the numbers come in…

There is a “Look At Me, Look At Me!” mentality….at the end of every year….when your company nets $36ml, give or take…

Did any of your employees receive a Christmas bonus this year?

Was a Christmas party given that was not paid for by a vendor?

Did they receive a lump of coal? ..Wait, they was a REALLY STUPID question. Coal is worth money.

I know…all that make it possible are worth nothing…that’s why you hoard it all for yourself…you like to take credit for everything…especially the things you weren’t even aware of

Nothing given, everything taken…all for me and nothing for you.

O.K., That’s all I am allowed today. Not going to waste another second on Ebenezer Scrooge today.

I pray that I am wrong…unfortunately, if I was a betting woman…I could have profited from this unfortunate situation myself.


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