Classic Collision Atlanta Second Thoughts? #416

Posted on 14. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Manfred, did you take the posts off of Twitter because I’m sending this information to your associates?

Telling people I have Aids, posting that I think that the 911 victims got what they deserved…not working out for you?

Well, never fear. The comments can all be found on post #290, on page 1 of my site.

Even though you’d destroy me in court….I would just love to see the looks on everyone’s faces when they see/hear what a racist piece of work you are! You better shut me down.

Imagine how everyone…that recommends your shop feels now!

Lets just hope that none of the are African American, Hispanic, Muslim, Victims of Abuse….

You just thought I’d stick my tail between my legs and whimper off, huh!

Well, I had a conversation with a Priest the other day…and I’m speaking a priest who has a history that would scare you to death! Do you know what I asked him??? Is it O.K. that I may end up incarcerated for standing up to the man that raped me? He is no stranger to people like you who have all the right connections…and pay your way out of everything!

Fuck you! You raped me and God only knows how many other females there have been and now you want to remove all of the bad stuff…because you finally accept that I’m not going away and all of your Racist and Criminal activity can close the doors of every shop you own!

What’s the matter…did what happened to Paula Dean open your eyes? I feel sorry for her but, not you! Do you really think that you should be able to call a person a Nigger, then expect them to give you money?

Shut me down now, or else! You walk around bragging about how you own everything.

Look at everything you have done to me. You have done nothing to make anything right by me.

I spent the evening at a friends the other night….alone…and I kept thinking that I was going to get raped and murdered…by people that you have hired to finish me off! Does it sound like my life is getting any better?

Wow, this morning…I looked at the site and the comments were there again. Never fear…they will remain on my site until this hit’s the news and Manfred takes me to court!


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