Classic Collision Atlanta Shell Shock #426

Posted on 04. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why is it…that we can hear a person’s name…from sooooooo long ago…and it can send us to a place that takes hours to escape.

I heard the name, The name was unexpected. There is NO reason for me to feel anything towards this person. It has been nearly 20 years. Who cares?

It is because that person made a huge change in their lives…a 360, if you will. I just can’t understand why that person thinks that it is O.K. for HIM to change and not me. Then, I remembered. This person had the mentality that women who were easy, were whores….men who were easy were,  rock stars.

I don’t understand. We both worship the same God. As a matter of fact, that person chooses to believe that you ask for forgiveness and your past goes away. Well, duh…But, why is it that the male’s past goes away but, the females doesn’t? I ask this because I see many, many men…who used to be really bad boys…who will only settle down with females who have no “past. “Why is that?

Maybe that’s when Humans really start messing things up! Should I look down my nose at someone with a past because they asked for forgiveness…but, they have not righted their wrongs, paid their debts and are now helping others?

I had a male….physically abuse me…tell me of his having been reborn…and in the same sentence that we were discussing that he had no respect for women…his response was “You think I don’t know that!” No apology for abusing me! Straight up defense.

That’s why I became so angry. Twenty years later…and I thought I’d thought nothing of him, any longer!

Get all of this out and heal…or you’ll be like the rest that you agonize over. Rotten food on your plate again…

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