Classic Collision Atlanta She’s On Fire #138

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It is amazing how many people get worked up about things…yet they tell me that they hope that I can let this go and move on with my life soon.

One example would be…there are counties in this world….and these countries’ sole purpose, in this lifetime is to reproduce…that reproduction leads to generations that live and breathe, with one thing in mind….to destroy the United States.

These people are no different than Manfred Kammerer, to me. Wait, there may be a slight…HUGE difference. These people will get in your face and be as proud, as the day is long…that they are who they are. Manfred Kammerer acts as if he is one of the most upstanding Human Beings on the plant…through behavior , speech and possessions….yet, he is a rapist who hides behind paid bullies.

Why not be proud of who you are….molester and con man combo…he could place himself #1 on his drive thru menu.

Its O.K. for the United States to step in and kill tyrants but, I am not supposed to stand up to a man who has been doing this longer than I have been alive. Its not O.K. for me to stand up to men who think that the females in his business are there to serve him sexually? Yes, when I picketed in front of his business…he hid….just like Osama…but, he was proud of being the spawn of Satan…Manfred is too scared to admit who he really is…..because it is disgusting! The people who have bullied me on the Internet are people he has used to hide behind. If this man was out saving lives, donating to charities and rebuilding cities/lives that have been destroyed by natural disasters…and on occasion had to piss a few people off to stand up for something, other than his own personal gratification, I could understand. All this man cares about using everything/everyone around him…in order to obtain every cent that he can get…before he dies…with hopes that you will envy him…and in that envy, he’ll be able to con others out of more….because there will never be enough.

I am not dead because….Manfred Kammerer does mot trust anyone enough to carry out his dirty work. He doesn’t trust himself, therefore he assumes that no one else could be trusted. He could never have more dirt on another [person that he has hired to commit murder. That is the mother of all. There is no greater leverage, if someone werr to threaten to expose you.

Think about it this way….someone like Bin Laden would not think twice about killing me or anyone else who crossed his path. That is because he was a monster and he wore it on his sleeve like it was the crowned jewel. How can Manfred have me killed and be caught? He has everyone believing that he is something that he is not. That is because he is a LIAR/Con Man/Molester all wrapped in one….everything that they are discussing about Sandusky’s behavior has Manfred Kammerer written all over it. Who would want to admit to any of this…especially when he has no intentions of changing any of his behavior.

The next time any of you would like to comment on my behavior…I’d like for you to do one of the following:

1. Pretend like it is, happening to you or a member of your family.

2. Try to compare this man to a well known dictator in history or someone current.

3. Ask yourself if anything has ever happened to you that no one else knew about.

4. Do you know anyone that cheats on their spouse and lies to them?

5. Do you know anyone who is capable of rape? (I bet you have a buddy that got a girl all liquored up to obtain sexual favors from her…How is that any different? Lots of people do this because they would not be able to obtain sex out of the other person, if they were sober. Wait, maybe it only counts when it happens to your mother, sister, daughter, etc…what was I thinking?)

6. Do you know anyone who has gotten out of trouble with the Police…DUI/speeding ticket…because of who they knew or they had the resources to do so?

7. Do you know anyone who has bought their way out of trouble?

8. Do you know anyone that is a user…whether is be drugs/alcohol/people?

9. Do you know anyone who has ever thrown everybody else under the bus when they were caught doing something illegal?

10. Do you know anyone that has been sexuaLLY HARASSED BY THEIR EMPLOYER?

So…you have been exposed to one, maybe all of these behavioral patterns….YET, it is not at all possible that Manfred Kammere has done any of these things to me…or anyone else for that matter…just because he says so. Gotcha! I have said it before…and I will say it again….

Best example: How many men do any of you know of…that have admitted to an affair, when accused…the first time or ever? Some people lie about one thing. People like Manfed Kammerer lie about EVERYTHING.

I do not have the resources for any attorney. People who have suggested that I quit…they are being exposed to the behavior of a person who has had to help themselves. That is what I have to do. Unfortunately….for Manfred Kammerer…I don’t have as much time to dedicate to this as I would like.

That is not my problem…it is his. This could very well go on for another year!

He should not be having sex with his employees.

You were not there. This did happen to you. I do not care what anyone thinks or how they feel…I just ask that they put themselves in my shoes before they judge me. After all, if you are sitting around bashing my behavior…with a group of your “So Called Friends”…remember, there is a Manfred in every group…and that Manfred is going to zero in on you because you are condoning his behavior…and if it is O.K. for people like Manfred to do this to me, in your mind…then it is acceptable for someone else to screw you…

They come in all shapes, sizes, religions, races and creeds….don’t ever assume!

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